Spring Scavenger Hunt

Join us as we celebrate the arrival of spring with a scavenger hunt through Vadnais Heights!


May 1 - 12, 2023
Ends June 2 at 11:00 am!

About the Event

The scavenger hunt will bring participants to parks and public locations across Vadnais Heights. Completed hunts can be returned to City Hall for a free goodie bag (while supplies last)! The hunt can be done at any time and at your own pace.

Scavenger Hunt Download

Spring Scavenger Hunt - English (PDF)
Print scavenger hunts are also be available for pick up at City Hall.

Descargas Búsqueda del Tesoro

Búsqueda del Tesoro – español (PDF)
Las búsquedas de tesoro imprimidas también están disponibles para su recogida en el City Hall.

Soo Dagsashada Ciyaarta Xulashada Shayga Maqan

Ciyaarta Xulashada Shayga Maqan- Af-Somali (PDF)
Ciyaarta xulashada shayga maqan oo daabacan waxaa sidoo kale laga qaadan karaa City Hall.

Rub Qhov Mus Khaws Khoom Qhov

Mus Khaws Khoom – Ntawv Hmoob (PDF)
Kuj muaj cov ntawv luam tawm ntsig txog kev mus khaws khoom rau ntawm City Hall.

Small pink and white woodland flowers