Snowshoe Rental

Snowshoeing is a great way to get outside, be active, and explore new places in the winter! Rentals are an easy way to try it out without making a big investment in gear! 

Snowshoe rentals should be made in person at City Hall - any rentals made online are subject to availability. 

Snowshoe Rental Information
  • Daily rentals are open to the public. $5/Vadnais Heights household or $10/non-resident. 
  • Snowshoes are available to be checked out at City Hall, 8:00-4:00pm, Monday-Friday. As conditions allow.
  • Daily rentals are due back by 10:00 am the following day. Snowshoes can be checked out any time on Friday for weekend rentals - due back by 10:00 am on Monday.
  • The number of snowshoes available is limited; users are asked to return them on time so others may use them.
  • Failure to return the snowshoes on time will result in a $60 replacement fee. Return of damaged snowshoes, other than by regular wear and tear, may result in the same.
  • Respect all park rules and boundaries while using snowshoes.
  • Users may be denied future use for failure to return snowshoes, returning damaged snowshoes, or violating rules and regulations while using the snowshoes.
  • Number of snowshoes per renter may be limited during high-demand periods.
  • Snowshoes currently available in adult sizes only - older children are welcome to try them, but may find it more difficult to walk with the wider stance needed. We hope to be able to add additional sizes in future seasons.
    Sizes available:
    17" snowshoes - suitable for youth 60-100 pounds 
    21" snowshoes - suitable for persons up to 140 pounds 
    25" snowshoes - suitable for persons up to about 200 pounds
    30" snowshoes - suitable for persons up to about 250 pounds
Be Prepared For Your Rental
  • Call ahead to make sure there are snowshoes available: 651-204-6000.
  • Save time at checkout by creating a CivicRec account before you arrive. 
  • Boots or sturdy shoes work best with snowshoes.
  • Dress in layers.
If you have tested positive for COVID-19 or are sick, stay home. 

Snowhoes - City Hall

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