Sanitary Sewer Improvement Project


2020 Sanitary Sewer Lining - Project Map
  • Arcade Street between Berwood Avenue and Woodgate Drive
  • Edgerton Street between Bear Ave North and Oak Creek Drive South
  • McMenemy Street between Woodridge Drive and Kohler Road 

11/19/2020 Update

Sanitary sewer lining begins this week and the work is expected to be done before Thanksgiving. Watch out for notifications! 

About the Project

The City of Vadnais Heights has awarded a contract to a company, Hydro-Klean, Inc., to improve sanitary sewer pipes that serve the above neighborhoods. The existing sanitary sewer is a clay pipe that becomes prone to groundwater infiltration as it ages.  This infiltration leads to unnecessary and expensive treatment of “clean” water. In order to prevent this infiltration, the City has televised and identified the sanitary sewer to be improved. There are no assessments to affected properties for this work, as it is funded as part of our quarterly sanitary sewer charges. 

The work will include an innovative process of placing a special membrane lining inside the clay pipe, creating a new smooth-surfaced, long-lasting pipe within the existing sanitary sewer. This work will be done without time consuming, expensive and disruptive excavation to the street. Access to the sewer is obtained by using the existing manholes. 


This work is scheduled to occur during the week of November 9, 2020. The exact dates for work have not yet been determined. During construction, the membrane lining does take approximately 12 hours to complete and cure. After the liner is placed, a machine will be operated in the sewer to reopen up each properties’ individual service to the main sewer. Therefore, during this 12 hour period of time, the sewer connection to your home will be completely sealed off. Consequently, we will need your cooperation to make near zero use of your toilet and laundry facilities for 12 hours. We recognize that this is a great inconvenience, but it is unavoidable. In other words, you will have water available to your home but virtually no sanitary service for drains or toilets. The only sewer capacity you will have is what is available in your service pipe.


If you have any questions or want further information, please contact City Engineer Jesse Farrell, PE at or at 651-204-6050.