Garceau Corner Task Force

Updated 1/23/2020

The Garceau Task Force was formed in early 2019 to study development scenarios for the city-owned Garceau Corner properties.  The Task Force met six times before making a recommendation to the City Council.

City Council approved at their November 19, 2019 meeting the Task Force’s recommendation that the City consider marketing the site for a brewery/distillery/ tasting room by reusing the existing Garceau building.  This will be pursued for a period of six months to generate interest and procure a buyer/user of the site for this purpose. If efforts to procure a buyer/user are unsuccessful after six months, the City should reevaluate and market the property for multiple use options including housing with green space.  

Garceau Task Force - Summary and Recommendations  (PDF)

Recruitment Letter to Brewery/Distillery Representatives (PDF)

Garceau Corner Aerial Google Earth
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Task Force Members

  • Craig Johnson, City Council Liaison
  • Patricia Youker, City Council Liaison
  • Linda Bigelbach, Planning Commission Liaison
  • Martin Jokinen, PLanning Commission Liaison
  • Matthew Heimann, VHEDC Liaison
  • Brian Bergstrom, VHEDC Liaison
  • Ashley Wilke, Neighborhood Resident
  • Ron Garceau, Neighborhood Resident
  • Mark McSherry, Neighborhood Resident
  • Lisa Holisak, Non-neighborhood Resident
  • Sharon Klumpp, Non-neighborhood Resident
  • Erik Goebel, Non-neighborhood Resident
  • Tom Colgan, Local Business Owner/Operator (F & M Bank)
  • Jay Chmieleski, Local Real Estate Broker (NGFK)

For more information on the property, visit our Garceau Redevelopment page.