2022 Sanitary Sewer Lining Project

About the Project

Over time, sanitary sewage pipes will deteriorate for a variety of reasons. Gas from sewage slowly eats away at the pipe material. Tree roots can also force their way into the pipe joints, which leads to sewage getting blocked, and can ultimately cause a large sewage backup into basements. Thankfully, these events are very rare in Vadnais Heights due to proactive maintenance activities. Lining the sewer pipe is a very effective way to restore and maintain pipes, which helps to keep them flowing freely for decades to come.

6/21/2022 – Award of Project

The City of Vadnais Heights awarded the 2022 Sewer Lining Project to Insituform Technologies at a bid price of approximately $370,000.

9/7/2022 – Initial Investigation

The first phase of this year's Sanitary Sewer project is underway this week. Insituform Technology crews are out inspecting and cleaning the Sanitary Sewer Manholes. This work should take about a week. After the cleaning, the televising will be done to document where the sanitary sewer services connections are and what homes will be affected by the lining.

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