Garceau Corner Task Force

The City is recruiting members to serve on a Task Force to study development scenarios for the city-owned Garceau Corner properties.  The Task Force is anticipated to meet 4-6 times over the spring and summer before making a recommendation to the City Council and will contain the following members:

  • City Council Liaison (plus alternate)
  • Planning Commission Liaison (plus alternate)
  • VHEDC Liaison (plus alternate)
  • Neighborhood Residents, within 500 feet (2 plus alternate)
  • Non-neighborhood Residents (2 plus alternate)
  • Local Business Owner/Operator (1)
  • Local Real Estate Broker (1)
Garceau Corner Aerial Google Earth

Please submit a letter of interest by Thursday, March 21 at 4:30 p.m. including your address, relevant background information, and why you’d like to serve on the Task Force to Planning/Community Development Director Nolan Wall at  Letters can also be mailed to City Hall at 800 East County Road E or dropped-off.  Formal appointments are anticipated to be made at a future Council meeting.

For more information on the property, visit our Garceau Redevelopment page.