Water & Sanitary Sewer

The City operates two water towers, four wells and one sanitary sewer lift station. The water towers are cleaned every two years to help ensure water quality.

Hydrant Flushing

Hydrants are flushed twice a year to keep water mains in good working order.  Regular flushing improves drinking water quality by removing sediments from inside the mainline and flushing them out through the hydrant. It also serves to identify malfunctions of the hydrant and related valves.

Hydrant Flushing - FAQs (PDF)

Discolored Water; “Rotten Egg” Smell

Some times water may be discolored. If this occurs in your home, please run your cold water for three to five minutes until the water is running clear. If this doesn't solve the problem, call City Hall at 651-204-6000; Public Works may need to flush the water main.

Once in a great while, your water may have a “rotten egg” odor. This odor is caused by hydrogen sulfide gas. The odor is unpleasant, but the gas is not usually harmful at the low concentrations that occur in household water systems. For advice on how to get rid of the odor, please contact City Engineer Jesse Farrell by email or at 651-204-6050.

Water Softener Setting

To set your water softener, you need certain water quality numbers for the City's water. The water hardness rate is 12 grains per gallon; the iron level is 0.24 milligrams per liter.

Sewer Problems

If you are having a sewer problem in your home, first determine if it is within your household plumbing. If only some drains are affected, then the problem is within your home and you should call a plumber.

Residents and businesses are responsible for the portion of pipe that runs from their home to the City easement. Tree roots are the most common problem with these lines. If all drains are working and water is backing up a floor drain, the problem could be caused by either your service line to the street or the City's sewer main.

If you are experiencing a sewer backup in your home, please call City Hall at 651-204-6000 during normal business hours. After hours, call the Ramsey County Sheriff at 651-767-0640.