Moving In or Out of the City

Moving Into the City

If you will soon be calling Vadnais Heights “home”, please contact City Hall two weeks prior to the move. This will ensure that a change will be made regarding the person responsible for paying a utility bill.

When calling, you will need to tell us the date you’re moving into your new home; the name that will be on the account; and the property address. You may fill out the online fillable Moving Into the City form, or please call 651-204-6022, or email Leslee Maki with this information.

Moving Out of the City

If you’re moving out of your home, it’s important that you let the City know at least two weeks before you move. Please fill out the online fillable Moving Out of the City Form, or email Leslee Maki or call 651-204-6022 to schedule a final utility bill.